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  • Main Speaker SF Tech Poetics December 2017
  • Speaker EYEO Ignite 2017 "Weird Side Projects" 
  • Speaker Seattle Ignite 2017, encore for Best of Ignite 2017 "Weird Side Projects"
  • Keynote Speaker Bend Design Con 2016
  • “A Working Theory of Delight: Sound, Space, and Emotion in Design"
  • Speaker SEGD Xplorer 2015 “Sensors, Arduinos, and Hardware” (joint talk)
  • Panelist Google Design for Education 2015 “Design Thinking for Education”


Ignite Talks at Eyeo 2017 April Soetarman "Weird Side Projects" In 2016, April started actively creating a series of seemingly random one-offs, such as @FoodRomanceBot, a Twitterbot that writes food-themed romance novel excerpts, (mis)fortune cookies that say things like “She never really loved you” and quietly encouraging guerilla street signs – somehow they all turned out to be surprisingly related. Hear how these “weird side projects” ended up helping her address some messy human feelings, and how they actually helped her overall health and well-being as a person. @aprilsoetarman @eyeofestival
Hosted by SF Tech Poetics at Github, San Francisco December 12, 2017 --- April Soetarman is an interdisciplinary designer and artist based in Seattle and New York. In her previous architecture profession, she made design and technology for the built environment. Her current digital and physical works focus on creating moments of delight, whether through tactical urban troublemaking, immersive installations, or online media. She also operates under the semi-anonymous moniker //