April Soetarman

writes short stories • installs guerrilla street art • creates immersive theater • does good work in exchange for money • teaches classes and workshops • used to be an architect  • has a very cute dog • was born in April • hopes you have a nice day • 

Third-Person Bio:

April Soetarman is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer currently based in NYC. Her site-responsive works play with the language of everyday objects and speculative institutions to explore complex human emotions. Her current digital and physical works focus on creating moments of delight, whether through tactical urban troublemaking, immersive installations, or online media. Her projects have been exhibited by places such as the Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, CultureHub NYC & LA, Boombox Chicago, as well as anonymously installed in dozens of urban spaces across the country. April also operates WeirdSideProjects.com, her previously-anonymous series of ongoing experiments in code, text, and street art.

April has a BA in architecture and music from UC Berkeley and was an Experiential Design Founding Fellow at Experience Institute in Chicago. She has taught at Pratt Institute and the School for Poetic Computation. She also maintains a commercial practice

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