Unfinished Projects Release Form 

The Unfinished Projects Release Form - a permission slip for letting go.

Have you ever worked on a creative project for a long time, and realized you can't continue anymore? Maybe it's too expensive to finish, not fun anymore, or the moment has passed.

This two-part carbonless form walks you through the process of letting go of your unfinished project, but still acknowledge that your work matters. Comes in booklets of 10. 

Instructions: Keep the top form. Destroy the bottom form. You are now free.

Project Impasse Toolkit (with Kelli Anderson)

limited January 2024 release

Want a set for yourself? These forms will be available as part of the Project Impasse Toolkit - a collaboration between Kelli Anderson and I to help you break creative blocks in the new year. 

This exclusive January release includes a set of Unfinished Projects Release Forms to help you let go, an engraved brass roll-the-dice pen to help you try something new, and custom teeny matches (to use responsibly), all in a tailored box.

ORDERING (AFTER 1/31/2024): We’ll have a limited amount of toolkits available for later in early May. Email shop (at) aprilsoetarman.com for info.

ORDERING (BEFORE 1/31/2024): This toolkit was the January 2024 release of Kelli’s monthly mail club subscription on Patreon. Sign ups were only available until January 31, 2024.