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An ongoing series of my experiments in code, text, street art, food, and feelings.

I first started Weird Side Projects in 2015 as a then-anonymous outlet to freely make work without professional expectations. It was for work that was a little more irreverent, funny, and honest. 

This included:

I started cross-posting the work under my own name by 2016, but by then some of the work had (anonymously) gone viral and also gained its own following. I still occasionally create work under the Weird Side Projects name, when it fits, but now I end up sharing most of my experiments under my own name

I’ve split up some of the more significant series into their own pages on my site, which you can find under the WeirdSideProjects tag

A great summary of all this work (up to 2017) can be found in my 5-minute Ignite talk given at Ignite Seattle (Best of Ignite Seattle 2017) and EYEO.

Why I Make Weird Side Projects, 2017 (5 minutes)

The original site bios (written in 2015), back when Weird Side Projects was anonymous:

—WEIRD SIDE PROJECTS is the alternative aspirations of the Brooklyn-based creative coding collective Dan&Den. This is their creative sandbox away from client satisfaction. They have six standing desks in a small warehouse loft and an adorable office pug, Thelonious Punk. Shoes are optional and pie is served on the last Friday of every month, aka Pie Friday.

—WEIRD SIDE PROJECTS is the visual site of an Icelandic folk duo turned physics graduate researchers (nanomagnetism). She strums, he sings. They had one mildly popular hit single three years ago. Their names are hard to spell correctly. They met during their third year of college, in the laundry room. She thought he had a nice smile, and liked how his eyes lit up when he laughed, and now there’s a ring on his finger.

—WEIRD SIDE PROJECTS is a product of Ted P., an accountant in Oak Park, Illinois. As a child, he wanted to be an astronaut or an artist. His fear of heights and mild motion sensitivity quickly ended dreams of the former, and more strong-willed minds eventually killed the latter. Last summer he took an acrylic painting class at the nearby community college, the results of which are proudly displayed in the guest bedroom. This is his (belated) attempt to reclaim that part of his life. It’s never too late to start chasing your dreams. He works quietly after the kids are asleep.

— WEIRD SIDE PROJECTS is the solo endeavor of an unassuming bespectacled girl, now situated somewhere in the East Coast. She sings to herself in the mornings and likes to wear cozy sweaters and drink green tea. She doesn’t like tennis, loud noises, or talking about herself online. She’s friendlier in person, a cautious optimist, and mostly harmless.