Commisioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Fabrication assistant:
Benjamin Emery

A hanging sculptural sound installation, activated by passerby motion and wind, installed at the Seattle Center. 

This installation has a series of suspended metal chimes and hammers, tuned to a five tone Javanese gamelan scale. This site-specific installation mixes together the sounds of my cultural heritage (the distinct musical scales from Java) with the everyday soundscape of my Seattle, my current city (fountains, seagulls, traffic, etc). It is a sonic love letter to both where I’ve come from, and what has led me to my home at the time.

This temporary installation will also serves as a complement to the permanent sound installations featuring Western harmonies at Seattle Center.

This installation was commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and was on display as part of the 2017 Sculpture Walk.